Club introduction

Fishing club Muikku is a leisure club in Tampere University of Technology. Muikku’s purpose is to promote its members’ wilderness and fishing hobbies. Muikku was founded already in the 70’s!

Muikku is open for all students and post-graduate students at TUT. As a member you can attend all Muikku’s fishing trips, rent the club’s equipment and attend Muikku’s ice fishing cup and biggest fish competitions.

Fishing trips

Muikku organizes fishing trips all year round. Each year we will make at least two fishing trips to the Finnish archipelago. River fishing, ice fishing and trolling trips are also held regularly. The duration of these trips varies from a short day trip to 3 day extended weekend trips (Fri-Sun).

The target fish in our sea trips is usually large pike, but also pike-perches and perches are common catches. Muikku’s sea trips are a great opportunity to improve your personal pike record! In river and trolling trips we usually aim to catch trouts or lake-salmons. Click on the links on the right side of the page to see reports from our fishing trips (Sorry, most are in Finnish, but at least you can see the pictures).

Equipment rental etc.

Muikku rents/loans fishing and wilderness equipment for members, so you don’t need to buy your own in the beginning. Muikku has equipment for ice-fishing, winter-nets, summer fishing, hiking and some kitchen equipment. Feel free to ask for the equipment you need.

Ice fishing cup

Every winter we organize an ice fishing cup, which consist of 3 competitions. The competitions are held in the vicinity of Tampere in such places were there is a good chance of catching big perches. Only 5 biggest perches will be weighted, so a luck plays an important role in these competitions. The ice fishing cup is free of charge but there is still a small price for the winner..

Biggest fish competition

Every year we compete on who catches the fishes. The biggest fish competition is running in our Forum => General discussion => Biggest fish competition. The competition has gategories for pike, pike-perch, perch and trout/salmon. Also this is free for members. The winners will be awarded in Muikku’s spring meeting.

Sauna evenings etc.

Muikku organizes member activities such as club meetings, sauna evenings and fishing equipment building evenings at regular intervals.

Contact information

If you have anything to ask, you can contact the board members of Muikku here, facebook or by e-mail. The e-mail addresses are of form (note the exceptions). Welcome to join the Facebook-group and #tty-muikku @IRCnet

Chairman: Ville Strandman

Secretary: Olli Huopio

Treasurer: Markus Nikka

Boat Captain: Juho Isotupa

Grand Fisherman: Jingui Li

Vice President: Matti Luoma-Lammi


Fishing club Muikku offers outstanding possibilities if you want to do fishing in Finland. Whether you are a beginner or a hardcore fisherman, you are welcome to our fishing club!

p.s. Check out Muikku’s presentation about ABC’s of fishing in Finland!


Payman Aflaki

(member of Muikku since 2009)

As an international member of the Muikku club, before coming to Finland and starting my studies at TUT, I was always wondering if fishing is fun at all!!! A couple of weeks after my residency in Finland, through another international friend, I was introduced to fishing activities! It took me only one fishing session to love this sport and believe in it as a professional sport activity. After being a member of Muikku, I enjoyed rowing boat in beautiful Sarkijarvi and while enjoying the magnificent views and nature itself, we started fishing too. Moreover, I attended the Muikku competitions, fishing trips, and Sauna activities and I just can’t wait to attend next fishing trip.

There are many advantages that I achieved by being a member of Muikku fishing club

  1. There are many professional fishermen governing this club by whom you can go through the steps of success in one tenth of the time that you could go alone! As some examples I can mention, which lures work better in which situation and for which species, where to look for fish, which whether an which time of day is the best to go fishing for a specific type of fish, how to make sure you don’t loose the fish while bringing it to the boat, and many more.
  2. They are always eager to teach you new techniques. This is the most important issue from my point of view when you always know there are some wise people who will share their gained experience through years, honestly and purely with you. This was the most important motivation for me to being completely satisfied by my membership. There are many tricks, methods, and approached which you can’t know about them until either you experience them or someone shares his with you. In Muikku club, you can fast forward the experience part and start fishing professionally much faster that you can imagine!!!
  3. The competition during the year makes you always motivated to compete others in a fair and friendly environment. Even in competitions you can ask for some instructions and unbelievably you always get a response which works immediately!!
  4. During fishing trips you will be awarded the opportunity of learning many things other than how to fish e.g. how to drive a boat, how to fillet and skin a fish, and how to remove the bones without considerable waste of meat.
  5. Moreover, the fishing trips are always so cheap that you can’t even think of being able to fish cheaper! You have every equipment in the cottages and on the boat. From sonar in the boat to electrical BBQ in the cottage, you are equipped well to make it easy for you to concentrate on your task i.e. professional fishing!
  6. Moreover, you will get to know Finns and get familiar with their cultures. Fishing has always been an important issue in Finnish culture and while spending whole days and nights with Finns, you have this opportunity to learn more about the people who you are living among.

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